"..the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do." - Steve Jobs

About Oceanic

Our Story

Oceanic Enterprises is a private property management firm based in San Diego, California. Manoj Chawla started Oceanic back in 2011 when he acquired his first hotel property in Palmdale, CA. The exciting purchase of the Super 8 back in September of 2011 was only the beginning of what was soon to become a succession of key milestones waiting to unfold. After Manoj’s first purchase, it sparked a strong interest and passion to learn more about property assets and the real estate industry.

However, Oceanic goes beyond investing in a vast portfolio of unique and diverse assets; as its strongest and most valuable investment is seen in our employees. At Oceanic, we believe in investing in employee growth and career advancement. We genuinely want our employees to be able to grow not only within the company, but personally, taking valuable life-long skills with them that can be applied to all aspects of life. We abide by a very strong belief that if our employees succeed, Oceanic succeeds.

Oceanic strives to succeed by not only investing in the employees, but in technology as well. Oceanic built its very own in-house SalesForce system from a blank, empty canvas to a technologically complex and advanced managing tool that helps track and organize inventory, night auditing, housekeeping, sales and more. Beyond that, Oceanic utilizes advanced software facility management solutions, such as NetFacilities, to efficiently track in-house staffing, service vendors, maintenance, and more — all under one centralized platform. Investing in this technological software has not only been cost-effective in saving time and accurately tracking expenses from different areas, it has increased company productivity and allowed room for employee growth.

 It’s important that our investment in employee growth and technological resources are always our key priorities because in the end, it can only lead to infinite possibilities…